Weekly Rewind: February 18-24

sunday, 18 feb 2018 pages read: 85

The Love That Split the World → page 291/390 (85 pgs read)
Tempests and Slaughter → page 122/465 (0 pgs read)

I mostly worked on homework today, but I did go see Black Panter with my boyfriend and our friend, Jesse. Overall, I thought it was pretty great and the soundtrack was  a m a z i n g . After, we grabbed a quick dinner at Sheetz and then headed home. It’s nice to take a much-needed break from schoolwork and spend time with my best friends, so today was perfect even though I didn’t get much reading done. This week is supposed to be relatively easy in my classes, so I have high hopes for the other readathons that I’m participating in.

monday, 19 feb 2018 pages read: 99

Tempests and Slaughter → page 122/465 (0 pgs read)
The Love That Split the World → page 390/390 (99 pgs read) finished

Brandon started playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and we’re both really enjoying it so far. I love anything involving knights and medieval settings, so this game is perfect for me. Also, can we just take a second to appreciate the size of this script?

I finally finished The Love That Split the World. I had decided that I would try to get some reading done while B slept, so I plopped myself onto the couch with a cup of tea and, well, finished the book. The last hundred pages went by so fast, and I’m pretty sure that I went through every stage of grief in the last ten alone. You should have seen the tears. It’s been a while since a book made me feel like that, but ultimately, it’s going to be a library donation, seeing as I know I won’t reread it.

While I was reading, I heard a dinging noise on the porch and peeked out the window – a new cat was using my girl’s water bowl. S/he’s super cute and has the biggest eyes I’ve ever seen. It was really curious at the strange human looking through the window and ended up coming over to paw at the screen, and I saw that it has a collar, so it belongs to someone on the street, which means that I thankfully won’t have my mind set on a second cat at B’s just yet (haha).

wednesday, 21 feb 2018 pages read: 188


Tempests and Slaughter → page 188/465 (66 pgs read)
The Woman in the Window → page 122/427 (122 pgs read)

I realized as I was writing my Duodecathon wrap-up that I never mentioned my Kindle situation. While I try to fall asleep every night, I read a few pages on my Kindle. Right now, I’m working through Twilight by Stephenie Meyer because a member of French club said that it was the book that got her into reading and is also one she always goes back to reread. I remember reading this back when it came out — I was in fifth grade and ended up not having a very favorable opinion of the book (that’s putting it lightly). I had just discovered Tolkien a year or two before (third grade was the first time I read The Hobbit, and fourth was my first time reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy), which must have ruined me for all YA except for Tamora Pierce because I was so caught up in growing up and was also craving the way adult high / epic fantasy flows. It took me years to get back into YA, but I now have an appreciation for it, so I thought I’d give Twilight another go. I don’t hate it as much as I did back in 2005, but I still think it’s entirely mediocre, unfortunately. I can definitely see why someone would love this series and I’m glad I’m rereading it, if only to give it an unbiased rating.

But, hey, at least it’s effective at helping me sleep.

thursday, 22 feb 2018 pages read: 349


Tempests and Slaughter → page 322/465 (134 pgs read)
The Woman in the Window → page 250/427 (128 pgs read)
Discours de la servitude volontaire → page 87/87 (87 pgs read) finished

I’m getting a lot more reading done today than I thought I would, especially because I’ve primarily been working on homework. I reread Discours de la servitude volontaire for my French course so that I can start brainstorming for my paper that’s due next week, but I’m still not completely sure what I want to write about yet. All of his descriptions of and references to service animals stuck out to me, so I may do something with that.

I made quite a bit of progress in The Woman in the Window, and I think I’ve gotten to the point in the story where I pretty much have it figured out. If things keep pointing in this direction, I’ll probably start to get frustrated at having to read another 100+ pages. This one has been fine so far, but overall, thrillers are not for me, guys.

friday, 23 feb 2018 pages read: 320


Tempests and Slaughter → page 465/465 (143 pgs read) finished
The Woman in the Window → page 427/427 (177 pgs read) finished

Well, I finished The Woman in the Window. I predicted it pretty early on, and, as suspected, got frustrated near the middle. I really just wanted that confrontation to happen earlier than it did, but I made it! Overall, I liked it. I’ll talk more about it in my monthly wrap up. In finishing that, I completed three challenges — two for the ThrillerAThon (thriller I’m most anticipating + newest thriller on my TBR) and one for the TimeHopAThon (released in 2017/2018). That’s pretty great progress for one book! I also finished Tempests and Slaughter, which was just one of my random monthly reads because it was released this month. It was incredible, as suspected, and really just cemented my love for Arram / Numair. Now I just have to wait a year for the next book. -sigh-

I debated for a solid fifteen minutes on what to start next. I originally planned to go ahead and read some of the next book I had set out for the ThrillerAThon (The Girl on the Train), but, as I said before, thrillers are not my fave. I’m a little burnt out already, so I think I’m going to switch gears and start a couple things for the Respawnathon (Revan). If I have extra time after these books, I might try to switch back to thrillers.

B O O K S   R E A D


Adoptable Pet of the Day: Shelley

S H E L L E Y : senior. female. jack russell terrier.
GA Shelley.jpg
adoption fee: $200.00
health information: Spayed.
personality and compatibility: Shelley is house-trained. She does well with cats and other dogs, but prefers a home without children.

A L L   A B O U T   A N I M A L S   R E S C U E
101 Riverside Drive

Macon, GA 31210

tel: 478-621-5116
Is Shelley not the right fit for you? See other animals available from this shelter.


Readathon Wrap-Up | Duodecathon

At the beginning of each month, I decide on one or two books that I want to read in the coming weeks — this month was devoted solely to Tamora Pierce. Alongside that, I read a book for whatever challenge / readathon I’m participating in, a Kindle book for when I’m trying to fall asleep (which usually happens fairly quickly, so I rarely make progress in these books), and any books that I am required to read for university courses. But the main rule is that I cannot start a new book until I have finished the current one.

Obviously, I didn’t get to complete any challenges, but I got a lot of pages read and a lot of homework done, so all in all, I count this as a success. I started a book that will also count toward the ThrillerAThon (The Woman in the Window) because I knew I was running out of time for these challenges, and I’m falling in love, so I think that was a good call.

Regardless, the next round is March 22-28, and I’ll be participating again.

pages read: 701
books finished: 0
challenges completed: 0
average star rating during readathon: n/a


I unfortunately did not start or finish either challenge that I planned.

B O O K S   F I N I S H E DAForEffort.jpg


Adoptable Pet of the Day: Honeycomb

H O N E Y C O M B : 5Y. female. chihuahua.
FL Honeycomb.jpg
adoption fee: $150.00
health information: Vaccinated. Spayed. Microchipped.
personality and compatibility: Honeycomb needs a home where she will be showered with love instead of fattening treats. She has lost some weight since arriving at the rescue, and an owner who is willing to walk with her now and then is recommended. Honeycomb is crate-trained.

R O O M   F O R   O N E   M O R E   P E T   R E S C U E  ,  I N C .
Inverness, FL 34451
tel: 352-560-0051
Is Honeycomb not the right fit for you? See other animals available from this shelter.


Adoptable Pet of the Day: Reno

R E N O (354575) : 8M. male. domestic short hair mix.
DE Reno
health information: Vaccinated. Neutered.
personality and compatibility: Reno is extremely playful, but also loves attention.

F I R S T   S T A T E   A N I M A L   C E N T E R   A N D   S P C A
32 Shelter Circle

Camden, DE 19934

tel: 302-943-6032
Is Reno not the right fit for you? See other animals available from this shelter.


Readathon Wrap-Up | Alphabethon

I had to do quite a bit of homework, went on several outings, and started some books that didn’t count toward this readathon throughout the week, so I didn’t get around to completing most of the challenges, but I really enjoyed myself and loved the books that I finished. Plus, this readathon gave me the incentive that I needed to start a book that otherwise might have remained on my shelf for another two years. Here are my stats, using only the books that count toward the readathon.

pages read: 587
books finished: 2
challenges completed: 1
average star rating during readathon: 5


read a book under 200 pages → completed
East of West, v1 by Jonathan Hickman

read a romance novel → started
The Love That Split the World by Emily Henry

read 7 books → started
East of West v1 by Jonathan Hickman
East of West v2 by Jonathan Hickman
The Love That Split the World by Emily Henry

B O O K S   F I N I S H E D

TBR | TimeHopAThon [Feb 19-25]

Now this readathon is right up my alley. There is no overall theme to this readathon as there was with the Alphabethon or the ThrillerAThon. Instead, the TimeHopAThon focuses on three different time periods, each of which has a unique challenge. These time periods are the past, the present, and the future. Here is one of the announcement videos if you’d like to see, and be sure to use the #timehopathon hashtag if you plan to participate on Twitter!

Onto the challenges!

Read More »

Adoptable Pet of the Day: Marla

M A R L A (37812582) : 7Y. female. domestic shorthair mix.
CO Marla.jpg
adoption fee: $75.00
health information: Vaccinated. Spayed.
personality and compatibility: Marla loves to explore and enjoys attention. She is house-trained.

T E L L E R   C O U N T Y   R E G I O N A L   A N I M A L   S H E L T E R
308 Weaverville Rd

Divide, CO 80814

tel: 719-686-7707
Is Marla not the right fit for you? See other animals available from this shelter.


Weekly Rewind: February 11-17

sunday, 11 feb 2018 pages read: 0

Well, I’ve done everything possible except what I was supposed to do today. I have quite a bit of homework that I need to finish, but I’ve successfully procrastinated all evening — it goes against everything I believe in to start on homework before noon on weekends, so there was no chance of me getting  a n y t h i n g  done before 15:00 — by watching several episodes of my current show (Hart of Dixie, s3) and a movie (Newness) while cleaning. I was going to start and finish Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, but I figured that I’d hold off on reading since I’m going to be starting the Alphabethon tomorrow.

Now that I’ve told you about my completely uneventful day, I’ll probably just wrap up this update for the evening. The plan for the rest of the day is to work a bit on my psychology capstone notes and then go to bed, I think.

monday, 12 feb 2018 pages read: 190


East of West, vol. 1: The Promise → page 152/152 (152 pgs read) [finished]
The Love That Split the World
 → page 38/390 (38 pgs read)

Today’s the first day of the Alphabethon! I just realized that one of my required readings for class was written by a man named Étienne (bonus: it’s really short, so it won’t take me long at all to get through!), so it can count as a novel for this readathon.

In other news, I finished East of West: The Promise and I loved it more than I did last time, so I upped my rating on Goodreads. I decided that I should probably go back and reread volume one before jumping into two, seeing as it’s been over a year and I cannot remember what happened for the life of me. I plan to read the entirety of volume two tomorrow, but in the meantime I want to start The Love That Split the World because it’s been sitting on my shelf for far too long and has a beautiful cover.

Update: I unfortunately discovered that my hunch about this novel was right. I was hesitant in starting it — hence why it’s been sitting on my shelf since it was released — because the synopsis sounded a bit iffy to me. 38 pages in and I’m already procrastinating. Unless I want to force myself into a reading slump, I think I should take the rest of the evening to relax with my boyfriend and study for my religious studies exam tomorrow.

tuesday, 13 feb 2018 pages read: 52


The Love That Split the World → page 38/390 (0 pgs read)
Tempests and Slaughter → page 52/465 (52 pgs read)

Today has been rather busy! First order of business: the exam went pretty well, I believe. I whizzed through the multiple choice and matching, and only had trouble with a few short answer questions because I blanked, but overall, I’m happy and excited to see my grade. I normally take a year and a half (only a slight exaggeration) to complete tests and am usually the last one in the room, but I finished first this time … which must be a good sign, right?

I had a bit of book mail waiting on me when I got home today, which was a pleasant surprise. I received a copy of Educated by Tara Westover, which I’m going to read next since it happens to fit the Alphabethon criteria. I can’t express to you how many advanced copies I receive and never get around to reading until they’ve been published (-eye roll-). I’m the worst.

Now, I get book mail fairly often, but today was e x t r e m e l y special because I ordered myself the collector’s hardcover edition of my most anticipated read of the year, Tempests and Slaughter by Tamora Pierce. Pierce is my all-time favorite author, and I’m sure will be for the rest of my life. I have at least one copy of every book she’s written, and in some cases up to four (Alanna: The First Adventure and Emperor Mage, I’m lookin’ at you). But anyone who knows my love for Tamora Pierce knows that my one and only fictional boyfriend since childhood — seriously, every other character pales in comparison — has been Numair Salmalín, a supporting character in Pierce’s IMMORTALS series. Naturally, when Pierce announced that she was going to be writing a series about his time at the University of Carthak, I almost peed myself. In fact, I might have peed a little bit; that whole day is a blur.

So, I started reading it as soon as I opened the package, and immediately put it down because I was overwhelmed with how perfect the first chapter was. How ridiculous is that? Pierce really brought her A game. I plan to binge the whole book tomorrow since I only have one class, but I got an amazing 50 pages under my belt to tide me over.

Now for homework.

wednesday, 14 feb 2018 pages read: 53


The Love That Split the World → page 38/390 (0 pgs read)
Tempests and Slaughter → page 52/465 (0 pgs read)
East of West, vol. 2: We Are All One → page 53/144 (53 pgs read)

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies! I hope you’re having a great day whether you have big plans or not. As for me, it’s going to be a relatively busy one, so I sadly probably won’t get to read very much. I have to go out to a hobby shop after class and pick up some craft supplies and snacks for our French club meeting tonight — we’re decorating masks since Mardi Gras was yesterday. I love our fun craft days, and I also really love the girls in the club. Other than that, I’ve just got a little bit of homework to finish for my psychology class, and then I’ll hopefully be able to relax and read a bit.

Fast forward — it’s now late at night. I just wanted to update y’all on the rest of my evening. French club was super fun, as expected, and I’m so proud of how my mask is looking that I think I’m going to have to keep working on it outside of club. Earlier in the afternoon, my guy, Brandon, surprised me with lovely flowers, chocolates, and an electric tea kettle (I’ve been wanting one because we don’t have a kettle and I have to heat my water in the microwave when I’m at his place, which is kind of lame). My parents gave me a new mug, cat-related of course, so I just need to splurge on some quality tea and I’m set! I’m so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.

I got a chance to read a little bit of East of West, but I’m so tired that I’m going to have to call it a day and finish it up tomorrow.

thursday, 15 feb 2018 pages read: 165


The Love That Split the World → page 70/390 (32 pgs read)
Tempests and Slaughter → page 94/465 (42 pgs read)
East of West, vol. 2: We Are All One → page 144/144 (91 pgs read) [finished]

Story time — I’ve befriended a cat that hangs around my boyfriend’s neighborhood. I saw her last December and fell completely in love with her, but she never really came near me. The other day, I wasn’t having a particularly good morning, so I went to sit on the porch with my tea and a book, and up she trotted! Now she’s apparently decided to claim the porch as her territory, because every time I walk outside, she’s either lounging on the wicker couch or sitting on the steps.

I, of course, brought her some cat treats from home and have a bowl of water on the porch for her. I need to make sure she’s not an actual pet — one of the neighbors is super sweet and feeds all the roaming cats, but I think she also has an outdoor cat as a pet because we’ve seen her let a cat into the house. I think it was short-haired, though. Anyway, I just need to figure out if she belongs to anyone and then I’ll move forward from there. I don’t want to encourage her to stay on our porch if she belongs to someone, because she absolutely refuses to leave when I’m here.

As far as other updates, B and I started watching Fear the Walking Dead. I saw the first two seasons back when they aired, but didn’t keep up with season 3 after they took them off Hulu briefly. Brandon said he’s only seen like one episode, so we’re starting from the beginning.

I managed to get a bit of reading done in between all the homework I had to finish. I’m really loving Tempests and Slaughter, but I have to take it in doses because I’ve been waiting for it for so long and want to savor it. I’m trying my darnedest to make it through The Love That Split the World, but I haven’t been able to actually get into it, so it’s going very slowly.

The only other interesting thing happening today is tonight’s episode of Critical Role. I typically watch it the day after, but I haven’t finished this week’s Talks Machina yet, so I might have to postpone it until Saturday.

friday, 16 feb 2018 pages read: 87


The Love That Split the World → page 129/390 (59 pgs read)
Tempests and Slaughter → page 122/465 (28 pgs read)

Classes were cancelled today because of a power outage, so I spent the morning and afternoon cleaning with my boyfriend. I made some serious progress on Black Mirror, but I’m probably going to have to rewatch an episode because I was completely lost. I’m happy to say that The Love That Split the World is getting better, but I’m still just not getting a lot of reading done. I want to spend some time tomorrow just focusing on reading, so cross your fingers for me!

saturday, 17 feb 2018 pages read: 77


The Love That Split the World → page 206/390 (77 pgs read)
Tempests and Slaughter → page 122/465 (0 pgs read)

I’m so close to finishing Hart of Dixie and I  d o n ‘ t  want it to end! It’s kind of sad that I’ve binged almost three seasons during this month alone, seeing as I don’t normally watch television, but it also shows that the show is genuinely good, in my opinion.

I made a deal with myself that I would read one chapter from Tempests and Slaughter after every five from The Love That Split the World because I really need to get a move on with this book. I want to finish it before the end of the readathon, but it’s not looking good.

B O O K S   R E A D