Another readathon that I always enjoy participating in is the #AYEARATHON. During the first full week of every month, we read books that correspond to a specific theme. All of the themes will be listed below, but here are the immediate details that you will need if you want to participate, and you can join the group on Goodreads if you want to chat with us!

readathon dates: 1.07.19-1.13.19
theme: throwbacks
rules: read childhood favorites or books that had an impact on your teens.
social media pages: twitter | instagram

January (7-13): throwbacks
February (4-10): Harry Potter
March (4-10): standalones
April (1-7): re-reads
May (6-12): finish/catch-up
June (3-9): LGBTQIA
July (1-7): read 5 different types of books
August (5-11): read the 5th book on your TBR
September (2-8): new beginnings
October (7-13): horror/thriller/mystery
November (4-10): mythology & retellings
December (2-8): graphic novels & short stories

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