ADOPTABLE PETS OF THE DAY: Starsky and Hutch (Clovis, CA)

  • general info: 10Y | male | dog — labrador retriever
  • health: healthy, though they do have typical geriatric needs (would benefit from continued joint care and high quality senior nutrition) — vaccinated, neutered
  • personality and behavior: house-trained. sweet, well-behaved, easy-going.
  • compatibility: OWNER WILL NEED TO BE AROUND A LOT. MUST BE PRIMARILY INDOORS. good with cats, children, and other dog.
  • adoption fee: $200.00 for pair

L A B R A D O R   R E T R I E V E R   R E S C U E
o f   F R E S N O

Clovis, CA 93613

Are Starsky and Hutch not the right fit for you? See other dogs available from this shelter. If you are not currently looking for a pet or live in a different state or country, please consider donating to the organization so that they can keep caring for stray and abandoned animals in California. Thank you!

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