It’s readathon time, lovelies!

I’ll go over all the details in a second, but if you want to look at the original announcement instead of mine, you can find it on the Seasons of Reading blog (this post in particular). Don’t forget to sign up while you’re there!

Alright, here are the deets —

dates: June 1, 12:00AM CDT – June 14, 11:59PM CDT
rules: Read only science fiction and fantasy throughout the duration of the readathon, and use the hashtag #SciFiJune to participate on social media.

That was short and sweet, wasn’t it? It seems like a pretty low-key, relaxing readathon. I’ll probably be reading fantasy for the most part, just because I don’t have nearly as much science fiction sitting unread on my shelves. Here are some books that I might choose from, but, ya know, we’ll see —

If you’re unsure of what time the readathon ends for you, there is a handy-dandy time zone converter on their blog. Also, come hang out with us all in the Facebook group! I’ll be posting pictures there throughout the readathon.

Okay, friendos — I’ll see you again later with my last post of the day (four posts per day will definitely not be a regular thing, so enjoy it while it lasts), which is about another readathon that I’m participating in that also starts today.


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