TBR | Alphabethon [Feb 12-18]

I’m going to attempt (school sometimes gets in the way, yanno?) to participate in the fifth round of the Alphabethon, which runs from February 12-18. If you haven’t heard about this readathon, you can read the announcement post for this round here. Basically, there’s one really simple rule that you have to follow to participate: read books that start with the letter “E”.

Now, this gives you several options – you can read a book with a title starting with E (An Ember in the Ashes), one written by an author whose first name starts with E (Emily St. John Mandel), or one written by an author whose last name starts with E (Nomi Eve).

Or all three!
Just make sure you post a picture of one of your reads on Instagram or Twitter to enter in the readathon giveaway! (P.S., If you find a book with the title, author’s first name, and author’s last name all starting with the letter E, you can earn a second entry in the giveaway!)

There are also several challenges to complete during the readathon if you so choose, which will be detailed below.

So, I’ve compiled a list of possibilities for this week of reading. Ideally, I’ll have a different book for each of the first 6 challenges, but I have a few that can double up, just in case I run out of time. If you have any suggestions for books you’ve enjoyed that I could read for this readathon, please let me know.

C H A L L E N G E   D E T A I L S

  1. Read a book over 400 pages.
  2. Read a book under 200 pages.
  3. Read a romance novel.
  4. Read a book with two Es (title + first name, first name + last name, etc.).
  5. Read a book with a MC whose name begins with E.
  6. Read a book with an E setting.
  7. Read 7 books.


Those are the four books I really want to focus on, but I have a few other options for if/when I need something else to read, just because I’m incapable of narrowing things down. I’m not going to post pictures of all the covers, but here’s a list of ’em!



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