Adoptable Pet of the Day: Clancy

C L A N C Y : adult. male. border collie mix.
al clancy
health information: Vaccinated. Neutered.
personality and compatibility: Clancy is very shy and may take a few months to get used to new surroundings. He is sweet and tends to respond quicker to females, though if enough effort is put in, he sounds like he would make a great companion dog regardless. He wouldn’t do well being walked in a busy neighborhood because of his fear of loud noises and busy roads, so quieter neighborhoods or rural areas are preferable – he has also managed to escape from his collars and harnesses while being walked, so a fenced yard is a requirement for adoption, and he must be in a home where he will be an indoor dog. He is house-trained and already knows how to use a doggie door, if you happen to have one.

J O E   J A C K S O N ‘ S   D O G   W O R L D  ,  I N C .
Jemison, AL.
tel: 205-646-3070
Is Clancy not the right fit for you? See other animals available from this shelter.



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